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Artwork that can inspire your audience in a unique way. I make illustrations that are bold, graphic and entertaining.

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Liven up your website, book or publication - I can create pretty much anything from spot illustrations to full page artwork.

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An eye-catching outside can help spell success for the great product inside. Brand illustrations that stand out from the crowd.

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I am an illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia with a background in graphic design and communications, a lifelong passion for drawing and a love of imagination.

My approach to client projects is one focused on developing stories, brands and messages through expressive imagery that engages your audience. In particular my love of music, films, books and games inspires me to work with other creatives to promote and accompany their projects with captivating illustrative artwork.

I have over six years experience in the creative field, spending three years in award-winning web and digital studio Red Tiki before freelancing as an illustrator and artist. These days when I’m not illustrating for my clients, I’m producing my own artwork or designing for a perth-based creative studio. I have produced brand identities and applications, packaging and labels, editorial and web illustrations, poster artwork and advertising, event branding, corporate documents, album covers, icons, infographics and of course, a bunch of colourful monster drawings.

As an artist I create prints and other products under the name Wildergrim for sale and exhibition.

Be sure to view some of my Client Projects to learn a bit about my process, or if you'd like a brief overview of what I can do, you should check out the homepage or my Instagram account.